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Fra-Ber Cleaning

Fra-Ber has been producing innovative cleaning solutions which respect mankind and the environment since 1992. Fra-Ber is currently a leader company in Europe supplying products for cleaning and maintaining cars.


The effort made over the years in this direction has enabled the company to develop a range of products that respond to every possible demand, with standard products and customised formulas. Our research laboratory constantly proposes solutions that can respond to current market requirements, it collects field information and immediately elaborates the same in new formulas, working in synchronisation with the managers of the car wash systems.

Water treatment

When it comes to cleaning, water still holds the key. The fact is that if quality water is not used, the finish on the vehicle leaves a lot to be desired, since spots will always appear on the paintwork. To guarantee its purity in any circumstances, anywhere on the planet, autowash tertis offer a complete range of demineralisers using reverse osmosis. Integrated into the different wash systems, they guarantee excellent quality water for use in the final rinse, without adversely affecting the performance of the machines.


Any car wash can simply wash your car. We give you the edge in personalized service and attention to detail. We are passionate about keeping your vehicle at showroom condition.

  • Sedans
  • SUVs and Double Cabs
  • Vans and Mini buses
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